To stay updated on the upcoming events & activities by the youths:

A congregational youth group which makes Krishna Consciousness interesting & dynamic for the 21st century youths.

Here in Temple of Devotion & Understanding, we have a youth group and it is known as the TODU Youths (also very popularly known as the BCC youths – as based on our former place of worship, the Bhaktivedanta Cultural Centre). TODU Youths consist of devotees’ children at the very beginning. As the preaching went stronger it got expanded and now consists of students from different universities and schools who are currently actively engaged in devotional service.

At the present moment we have at about 75 members consisting of both genders from the age group of 12 to 30 years old. This group is headed by a board consisting of senior youths. Every decision made is done by mutual understanding and agreement. The TODU Youths have organized big projects like Rath Yatras, and have staged many cultural performances and dramas. Their most recent project was the Srila Prabhupada Art Gallery – Walking with Srila Prabhupada, The Path of Perfection. The gallery was solely done by the youths and has received international recognition for their effort and creativity.