• Ground Floor – Temple Entrance
  • 1st Floor – Temple Hall. Home to the beautiful deities – Sri Sri Radha Krishna Kanhaiya and Sri Sri Nitai Gauranga Rai. There’s also an Archanai counter and BBT Gift Store on the left entrance of the temple where devotees and well-wishers can offer ghee lamps and fruits to Their Lordships.

        Ghee lamp offering : RM3
        Archanai (fruits) offering : RM10

Temple is open 7 days a week, 5AM – 9.30PM. To know more on the daily schedule, hit on the button below.

Temple Room Etiquette

  • We kindly ask you to remove your shoes before entering the temple room. You can leave your shoes on the shoe rack outside the temple building.
  • It is customary that men and women sit separately in the temple room. Men on the left side of the hall while the women will be on the right side of the hall.

  • You will see devotees coming into the temple and bowing down to Srila Prabhupada & The Deities. This is known as paying obeisances and is a display of respect.
  • Its customary for everyone to sit on the floor, but we have benches and chairs for anyone who does not want to sit on the floor.

What happens here?

Daily spiritual practices (sadhana) are performed daily, as the basis for spiritual progress in Krishna Consciousness.

Experience the mangala arati : Rise early in the morning , 1 1/2 hour before sunrise (brahma muhurta) for spiritual practice. Join the mangala arati begins when the altar curtains are opened and the Pujari blows the conch, which is at 5AM. Get surcharged with spiritual energy and experience the blissful atmosphere as you see the deities looking ever charming

Chanting japa and singing Vaishnava bhajans: The Hare Krishna mahamantra is a form of personal meditation that has a potent purifying effect in gaining personal association of Krishna. The Hare Krishna Mahamantra is chanted 108 times in one complete round. One can get the oppurtunity to chant in front of Their Lordships by taking the japa beads from the Archanai counter.

Reading Srila Prabhupada books and hearing discourse: We offer Srimad Bhagvatam class every morning from 8AM to 9AM and Bhagavad Gita Class every Sunday at 8PM. By reading or hearing the talks from vedic scriptures and Srila Prabhupada, it helps one to remain inspired through philosophy and gives strength to transcend the daily difficulties of life.

ISKCON is filled with festivals. Yes you heard that right! There is a festival every month in the ISKCON calendar and TODU celebrates these festivals in a very grand scale. While each festival is unique, they all entail the four staples of any ISKCON event: chanting Hare Krishna, honoring (eating) prasadam, talking about Krishna, and offering arati.

So come and experience the festivals of ISKCON for yourself. One can also stay updated on all the upcoming events by subscribing to TODU’s newsletter. 

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