Gurukul means the place of the teacher. Literally, guru means teacher and kula means family. Thus,  gurukul is more than just a school, but a place where  students coms to be a part of the family of the guru for some time – and learn the culture and etiquette of the Vedas, as well as spiritual knowledge.

Many children have a natural affinity for spirituality. Since the formative years between 5 to 13 years are most crucial in the development of a child, it is important for all children to receive spiritual training at this time. 

Our weekly gurukul classes are aimed at developing children’s spiritual awareness and teaching them about their eternal relationship with Lord Krishna through fun-filled activities. They draw, colour, sing, listen to stories, enact short dramas and have bhajan and kirtan together.

Furthermore, Litle Vaishnava Camp are held yearly. The children gets to experience daily temple devotional activities  and continue the day with fun filled “Krishnaized” activities. A Mini Lord Jaganath’s Ratha Yatra are also held aimed to educate the children on Lord Jaganath’s pastimes and to enact Srila Prabhupada’s childhood pastimes.

If you would like your children to join in, please come every Sunday to Sri Sri Radha Krishna Kanhaiya Temple of Devotion & Understanding.

Venue: Nityananda Room, BCC (1st Floor)  ll Gurukul Timings: Every Sunday from 8PM to 9PM