Sri Rama Navami is the glorious appearance day of Lord Ramachandra.. The Supreme Personality of Godhead has been described to personify him as Sri Ram, the son of King Dashratha, the King of Ayodhya.

Lord Ram appeared on the ninth day of the growing moon in the Treta-yuga. He was successful in establishing the principles of religion along with eliminating the disturbing elements. He descended on this material world without any causeless mercy hence displaying wide number of transcendental pastimes as human being.

He had been successful in attracting mankind towards him hence successfully getting associated with them to preach his teachings regarding going back to Godhead. On this auspicious occasion, the pastimes of Lord Ramchandra are discussed with due devotion. The Ramayana, which is one of the holiest books of Hindus comprise of the life story and achievements of Lord Rama.

It is also filled with some exemplary behavior of the Lord along with the associates through some ideal examples. He was successful to emerge an ideal son, ideal brother, ideal husband and finally an ideal king. Also Mother Sita has been recognized to be a chaste wife along with Lakshmana and Bharata as faithful brothers.

At TODU, festival begins in the evening with the Abhishek ceremony of the deities of Lord Ram, Mother Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman ji is performed amidst kirtans, and flowers are offered at the lotus feet of Their Lordships (pushpanjali). Devotees will fast till sunset. Heaps of bhoga offerings will be prepared for the pleasure of their lordships. There will be also a cultural performance based on the Rayamana that will be performed by the youths of TODU.

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