Nrshimha Chaturdasi is celebrated on the eve of the divine appearance of LordNrshimha. He is known to be the man lion incarnation of Lord Krishna and is believed to remove all sorts of obstacles which are present on the path of devotional service through his great compassion.

SrilaPrabhupada writes (Bhagavatam 7.8.51, purport): The Supreme Personality of Godhead in the transcendental form of Lord Nrshimhadev is believed to be in a ready state to kill the demons who serve as pinpricks in the paths and minds of the honest and dedicated devotees. Though sometimes many dangers along with impediments need to be faced in spreading of the conscious movement of Lord Krishna, a faithful person can become successful in doing the same as he knows that Lord Nrshimhadev is with him as his protector.

The deity is known to perform some unbelievable miracles in the lives of many people hence arising great enthusiasm among them. By offering prayer to Lord Nrshimha, one may expect to get his heart purified and fetch the desire to serve Lord Krishna. Begging is done at the lotus feet of Lord Nrshimhadev so that people become successful in worshipping Sri Radha and Lord Krishna without any obstacle. One who comes under the precious shelter of Sri Nrshimhadev, comes under due protection.

SrilaBhaktivinodaThakura, in his Navadvipa-bhava-taranga, writes of the significance that worship of Lord Narsimhadeva has for a Gaudiya Vaishnava:

Therefore, I pray to the feet of Lord Nrshimhadev to purify my heart and give me the desire to serve Krishna. Weeping, I beg at the lotus feet of Narsimha that I may worship Sri SriRadha and Krishna at Navadvipa-dhama, free from all obstacles.

At TODU, Narsimha Chaturdasi Festival begins in the evening, starting off with the Abhishek ceremony of the deity. The famous pastime of the Appearance of Lord Narsimha will be performed ( a drama) by the youths of TODU. And before heading towards the Maha Arati, they will be chanting’s of the 108 names of Lord Narsimha Dev.

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