Jhulan Yatra is a festival that celebrates the pastime of Lord Krishna & Srimati Radharani swinging on a golden swing every day until Balarama-Purnima. It is believed that both of Them swing during the monsoon season with the accompaniment of music & dancing along with the cowherd boys and girls.

Pleasure gushes through the veins after observing Radha & Krishna swinging back and forth on a swing which is decorated with flowers and lots of love. It is undoubtedly the most pleasing and highly substantial festival as the swings are decorated with newly blossoms of the season which include jasmine and many more.

This festival takes the initiative to represent the practical services offered to Lord Krishna by the devotees. As it is celebrated generally in the month of monsoon, the temperature all around seems to be humid along with hot despite the cooling rain drops. As more water comes from the sky, everybody lying on the ground demands more water to cool the environment. The best option comprises of finding a suitable breeze this time.

At TODU, devotees and visitors will get a chance to swing Their Lordships – Sri Sri Radha Krishna Kanhaiya on the swing that will be beautifully decorated with flowers and beads. Kirtans and bhajans will be going on daily. Devotees will also sing the beautiful bhajan of Jaya Radhe Jaya Krsna Jaya Vrndavana. Do come along for an opportunity to swing Their Lordships on a beautifully decorated swing!


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