The month of Kartik is the most important and spiritual month in the calendar for the ISKCON devotees. This month has been glorified in the Puranas, the Vedic Histories as very important and helpful in gaining the blessings of Lord Krishna.

The Kartik month is also known as the Damodar month. This is because in the middle of this month, Lord Krishna Himself had chanted the Damodar Lila. The month is also associated with Radharani and the devotees also utilize this time to gain the favours and blessings of Radharani.

In this month, the devotees can easily attain the blessings of Lord Krishna. Since Lord Krishna loves Tulsi, if you offer Tulsi to Him at the temples, He will bestow His blessings on the devotees easily. The Damodarastakam, or the series of the beautiful verses that the great sage Satyavrata Muni had written, are sung in this month throughout the day.

The entire month is celebrated with much devotion and they all perform various religious performances to please the Lord and get His blessings. The month is significantly associated with charity and devotees often offer charity to the needy. Indulgence with non-essential activities and materialistic things are absolutely avoided by the devotees so that they can easily receive the blessing of Lord Krishna.

At TODU, devotees come to the temple and offer a ghee lamp to Lord Damodara daily. Devotees will also go from houses to houses to encourage people and encourage them to offer a ghee lamp.  Devotees will also organize Damodara house program and invite their neighbors, relatives and devotees – giving everyone a chance to hear the glories Kartik month and offer a ghee lamp to Lord Damodara.

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