The Temple complex is very easily accessible by both public and personal transport. Located about 10 minutes away from the first Penang Bridge & North-South (PLUS) Highway, the Butterworth-Kulim Expressway(BKE), as well as the Butterworth ferry terminal.


One can take the ferry across the straits to get to the Butterworth Ferry Terminal, which is linked to Penang Sentral, whereby you could hop into RapidPenang’s Bus 703, and disembark at Sunway Carnival Mall, where the Temple would be less than 5 minutes away by foot.

Those in the mainland can also take RapidPenang’s Bus 703 to arrive at the Temple.


For those coming in from the north, as you reach the major roundabout, take the 3 o’clock (2nd exit) to head towards the east, and turn in once you see Sunway Carnival Mall in sight. The Temple would then be on the right hand side road right after the Mall.

For those coming in from the south, enter the roundabout and make a 9 o’clock (leftmost turn), and the rest is as per above.

Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple Complex


There are many different places of accommodation within walking distance of the Temple complex, and vary from simple single-rooms to 4-star suites to chalets that can take 8 people in one go. Seberang Jaya is an ever-growing township so this list would grow with it, check back periodically for more updates!


  1. E-Red Hotel Seberang Jaya ~5 minutes walk away.
  2. The Blanket Hotel Seberang Jaya ~7 minutes walk away.


  1. Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya ~5 minutes walk away.
  2. The Light Hotel Seberang Jaya ~5 minutes walk away.
  3. Ixora Hotel Seberang Jaya ~5 minutes DRIVE away; alternatively, it is located nearby a large bus terminal which serves the entire mainland; hop onto any bus which stops by Sunway.


Safira Country Club ~10 minutes walk away.

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